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Trash Pickup Update from the Applegate I Board:

GFL will pick up trash Friday September 8th following the Labor Day holiday. Do not put trash out prior to Thursday September 7th at 4pm.


The sprinkler system is being currently being worked on. The timing will be set to overnight watering. Thank you for your patience!
The pool will be closing for the 2017 pool season on Monday, September 4th. Labor Day.

Yard Sale time in Applegate!

   Congratulations to the class of 2017!!!!! I know of one resident that recently had a graduation party at the clubhouse. Anna Pilarz graduated with the senior class from Northville High School! Congrats Anna!

As many of you already know the pool is open and off to a great start. The water is warm and the weather has warmed up. Unfortunately we have already had someone(s) jumping the fence when the pool is closed to get into the pool area. This is a very dangerous activity. Not only could you be injured jumping the fence but the pool and pool area is very dark. An accident could happen very easily. Please keep a watch for anyone in the pool or pool area after 9pm. If you see someone please contact a board member.  We all want everyone to be safe and the pool to remain in good condition.
Thank you and happy swimming

Many people know how easy it is for a child (or even an adult who can’t swim) to drown. What many don’t know is that you can drown (especially children) days after being in the pool. It is called “dry drowning” or “secondary drowning” and it is very real. I am sure many of you have witnessed a child swallowing a ton of water while playing or swimming especially if they are a beginning swimmer. This is how dry/secondary drowning can happen. Please read this article for more information to help keep your loved ones safe.

 DO NOT dump trash behind the units. Courts F & G have had several areas of trash located behind the buildings. Applegate has paid Jimmies Landscaping a lot of money to clean it up which resulted in some of the staff getting severely stung by bees that were hiding within the trash. Those stings required a hospital visit. It has been noticed that trash dumping has started again in the same areas. Not only does it look terrible it also attracts unwanted animals and pests. Please put your trash out in the designated space and in appropriate bags/containers on Wednesdays after 4pm or Thursday morning. If you see someone dumping trash where it doesn’t belong, please contact the board immediately.

 General Meeting Minutes – March 2017

The general meeting was held on March 11 in the Applegate clubhouse. Thank you to all who attended the meeting. For the minutes of the meeting, please click Here

“Clubhouse Rental Manager”

We are looking for someone to become our Clubhouse Rental Manager.
Duties would include:

  • Showing the clubhouse to perspective renters
  • Filling out the rental contract with the renter and going over the rules of the rental
  • Collecting the security deposit and rental fee
  • Opening the clubhouse the morning of the rental
  • Looking over the clubhouse when the event is over and making sure it is in good condition
  • Turning in the fee (and security deposit if any rules have been broken)
  • Returning security deposit to renter (if no rules have been broken)

If you are interested in becoming the Clubhouse Rental Manager please contact a board member (phone numbers are listed to the left).
*Please note this is a volunteer position.

Clubhouse Rental Information:
Planning that upcoming wedding or baby shower? Maybe thinking ahead to a graduation party (it really isn’t that far off you know). Well, look no further. If you don’t already know, Applegate I has a perfect place to hold such gatherings. The Applegate I clubhouse has a ton of space, a full kitchen and table and chairs that can be used. If you wish to look at the clubhouse to see if it will fit your next event contact Linda Peach at 248-476-6313. Please note – if you are looking to have an event during the time when the pool is open – the pool is NOT included in the rental of the clubhouse. You can click on the clubhouse tab at the top of the page and see a slideshow of the clubhouse and read the official rules of renting it for an event or see if the date you are looking at is available using the booking calendar.

 Frequently Asked Questions Page

Many times the same question gets asked via the comment section of the website or via e-mail. So, a list of the most commonly asked questions has been compiled to help. The list will be updated as questions come in. Please continue to use the comment section or send an e-mail if your question is not listed and we will do our best to get you an answer! Feel free to call a board member or your management company as well.

We have been having a lot of requests for the addition/modification form come through the website. The board and the management company has decided to put some of the commonly asked for forms on the website. We will be adding them as we go and as things get modified. The addition/modification form is on the website now and the color choices for the doors will be added once the document gets updated. You can click here for the Forms page or you can use the quick access links from the home page.


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  1. Just wanted to say, nice work getting a special site up and running for the neighborhood!!!!


    • Did anyone else experience tree and shrub waste trimmings left on their front lawn area from work performed on Saturday May 27th? It was left there ALL weekend in our court. Wow, what a great impression for Applegate and our residence when you have friends and family over for a holiday weekend get together. Then when they finally returned to “clean it up” on Tuesday, they didn’t bother to rake it, just left half of it there! We had to clean it up ourselves after work. Is Jimmie’s responsible for this debacle or is RTI? I hope the board knows what happened here this weekend.

  2. Nice Job, Angie! I see not too many people have visited the new website. Guess they will have to be reminded some more.

    • Thanks Terry. We are getting the word out. I just added the counter the other day to see how much use it is getting. It has been viewed more than what the counter says and hopefully will be viewed even more.

  3. Does Applegate still have rules with regard to the appearance and uniformity of the units? It used to be that windows, doors, etc. had to be of a certain type and approved by the board. I notice more and more (I am a walker and pretty much see units in all of the courts) that people have installed non-approved front doors, storm doors and windows. Is there no way to monitor this so Applegate I keeps it’s original uniform look? Also, in Court F, there is a unit that actually has newspaper being used as their window treatment instead of curtains or blinds. Now, I mean that is tacky and makes the entire court look shabby. It also brings down the value of other nearby units and makes Applegate I undesirable. Shouldn’t this be addressed by the board for the sake of our property values?

    • Cheryl,
      As far as I know they do have rules regarding the color of the inside door. In fact this was just talked about the other day and I am planning on posting something regarding the color options. As for the screen door this can only be the color almond. No white doors are allowed. As for windows I am not sure. I will forward your comment on to the board members to get a better clarification on this. Thanks for asking!

  4. One more thing. Can The In-Cider remind people again that if they place items out for trash pickup that are NOT picked up by Duncan, that it is their responsibility to remove them from the curb and dispose of them. Again, if they are left by the curb, it just makes Applegate I look bad.

    • Cheryl,

      I will forward this to Suzanne Paige as she is the one who writes the In-Cider and she can possibly put the reminder in the next issue. I can also post a reminder on the Trash Pick Up page on the website. Thanks for trying to keep Applegate I looking nice!

  5. Hello,
    Thanks for putting together such an informative site that people can access 24/7 it is much appreciated. Is there any interest in moving our association dues online for payment? I personally would like to see this happen as I do most of my bills online. It would be really awesome to have both options available to residents.

    • Thanks for the great comment and asking a very good question. I will have to check with RTI on this and see if we can somehow incorporate a payment option on the website. I will check into this. Stay tuned…..

  6. I too want to say that the site is very nice. I also wanted to ask about our grass. I’m not sure if it’s simply a lack of water or if it’s burned due to a lawn treatment of some kind. I really enjoy gardening and having a nice looking yard, and the grass takes away from all the hard work many of us have put in.

    • Thank you for the comment on the site. I believe the brown grass is simply from the lack of rain/water. I will forward your concern to the board members just to make sure they are aware that residents are concerned. I don’t believe that Jimmie’s crew uses anything on the lawns. I know my personal lawn at my house is also very brown even with watering. Let’s hope for some much needed rain in the meantime.

      Thanks for the comments!

  7. How is it that a memo for parking lot work dated July 8 the, for work beginning on July 26th, takes TWO WEEKS to be posted on the mailboxes and physically delivered to the units? How is that enough notice during vacation season? If I was on vacation and came back to a towed vehicle you can bet I would be FURIOUS!!. 30 days notice with TIMELY delivery of the memo would be appropriate. Please advise whoever is in charge of this to be FAR MORE timely in the delivery of any future memos that REQUIRE vehicles to be moved for work or maintenance. 3 days is not appropriate!

    • We had cars in our lot despite warning of possibility they be towed. I wonder if they didn’t even know

  8. How is the addition to court lights process going? In the May in-cider, you folks stated:
    “New Mailboxes and Court Lights: Our new mailboxes and court entrance lights will be installed in May/June.”
    We are now closing in on August. It would be nice to have some lighting.

    • Good afternoon,

      Thank you for your question. I am not sure exactly when installation is supposed to start on the lighting, however, I do know that the lights have been delivered and are awaiting the next step. I will pass this question on to the board members and see if I can get a better answer for you.

      Have a great day!

    • Hello,
      I sent your question on to the board and have received a response. As stated the lights have been delivered, however due to them being very heavy and needing some very heavy equipment to install them it was decided that the seal coating project would be completed before the installation of the lights so that the parking lots would not get damaged in the installation. They will be starting very soon on the lighting installation and they all should be installed before the end of summer. I hope this sheds some light on the issue (no pun intended :-))

  9. The damage to the parking lots was NOT addressed prior to seal coating. There are damaged areas with loose asphalt that were not repaired. The seal coating was justly a cosmetic band aid. There are several areas that should have been patched prior to seal coating. Is RTI or whoever contracted the parking lots to be done even involved in inspecting the parking lots prior to the seal coating process? If so, maybe someone needs to address their lack of attention to detail? Having loose pieces of broken asphalt seal coated without being patched first is throwing good money after bad. Makes NO sense.

    • Thank you for your comments and concern. I am not sure of the process but I have sent your concerns onto RTI and the board members for review. Thank you and have a great day!

    • Dear Concerned Resident,

      I just wanted to give you a quick reply in regards to your concerns about the seal coating and issues in the parking lot. I was told that the contractors who did the job are going to be back out on August 10th to address any issues that need to be corrected. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact a board member. Have a great day 🙂

  10. Thank you for the reply. Looks like they came back out and repaired several areas. Thanks again.

  11. I would like to applaud the board for the new sign I saw in front of the clubhouse today reminding residents not only what day is yard waste pickup but also what type of container to use. Great sign! It appears it can be used for a lot of different announcements.

    • Cheryl,

      I will pass your ‘likings’ on to the board as I am sure they will be happy to hear it. You will probably see it out again soon as it was suggested to put it out with a notice to not feed the geese since the geese have been hanging around make a mess of things. I think the sign will come in very handy for informational purposed! Have a great day!


  12. Does Applegate have rules pertaining to parking spaces? If so, where can they be found? I would think that each unit has an assign space. Is this correct? With the influx of new owners/renters, there seems to be a lack of parking spaces.

    • Good afternoon,

      This is a topic that is currently being discussed by the board. There used to be assigned spots back in the day, however, it was not written into the by-laws so it is being discussed as to what to do in regards to assigning a spot or not and also adding it to the by laws. The board is aware of the situation and has it on the agenda for discussion. Stay tuned and thank you for the inquiry. Have a great day.

  13. Thank You- Thank you, Angie, for the outstanding job you do with the web site!
    The snow flakes and etc. are such a nice Touch.
    The web site keeps communication flowing for the residents, the Board of Directors and RTI!

    • Thank you very much. I like to try and keep it fresh and inviting. I am always open to new ideas and suggestions from board members and residents so please feel free to send thoughts/ideas/comments my way!! Happy New Year to you all as well!!!

  14. Is Jimmies going to be picking up the tree trimmings they left all over the yards – or perhaps the lawn bags littered all over that were supposed to be picked up last Thurs? It looks terrible…not the way any of us envisioned Memorial Day, I presume.

  15. Does the board or RTI plan on using the sprinkler systems in front of the units at all this summer? Our lawns are burnt out and look awful. It is embarrassing and makes our community look unkempt!

    • Good morning,

      I believe Jimmy’s Landscaping is working on this issue right now. They are hoping to have them all working as soon as possible.

      Have a great day!

  16. Suggestion……..delete the “yard waste” information which is currently showing on the Trash Pickup page on this site since it is no longer accurate.

  17. Who do we contact when the parking lots are being used to store things like recreational or unlicensed vehicles?

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