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March 28th at 7:00 pm
Sign in begins at 6:30 pm
Board elections and upcoming projects will be discussed. Please attend and stay informed!

Updated Clubhouse Rental Information:

Thinking about a family get together? A birthday party? Upcoming graduation party? The cooking, the cleaning, where will everyone sit? Well, look no further. If you don’t already know, Applegate I has a perfect place to hold such gatherings. The Applegate I clubhouse has a ton of space, a full kitchen along with extra table and chairs that can be used. If you wish to look at the clubhouse to see if it will fit your next event contact Suzanne Paige at 248-474-8064.

Please note a few important details for renting the clubhouse:

  1. If you would like, you are able to gain access to the clubhouse to decorate/setup the evening prior to your reservation during the hours of 5pm – 9pm. Please keep in mind this option is only available if the clubhouse has NOT been rented for the evening before your rental day.
  2. There are two designated parking spots for the clubhouse. They are directly in front of the clubhouse and these are the only 2 spots that are to be used for guest/host parking. All others MUST park on Bashian Drive. If there are guests/hosts (even if you live in Applegate) that utilize any other part of Court A to park their vehicle will be towed at the owners’ expense. This information is detailed in the rental contract. If you are renting during pool season, the 2 parking spots are shared with guests of the pool as well.
  3. The rental fee for the clubhouse is $150.00 and the damage deposit is $200.00. The damage deposit will be returned to you if the clubhouse is left in good condition after your event.

Please note – if you are looking to have an event during the time when the pool is open (Memorial Day through Labor Day) – the pool is NOT included in the rental of the clubhouse.

You can click on the clubhouse tab at the top of the page and see a slideshow of the clubhouse and read the official rules of renting it for an event or see if the date you are looking at is available using the booking calendar.

It has been brought to the attention of the board that a person or persons in Court B has been using the street drains to dump food (especially the day after garbage pickup). DO NOT EVER DUMP ANYTHING DOWN OUR DRAINS. Not only does it pollute our waterways it is ILLEGAL!! If you see someone committing such acts of filth, please report them to the board. There will be fines imposed to anyone caught dumping food, garbage, etc. down the street drains.

The entry door color list has been updated on the FAQ page. If you would like to see the choices you can click here.

Applegate I would like to thank RTI Property Management for their service to our community. They respond quickly to our calls and needs. We have completed  many projects the past couple years such as:

New street lights, new mailboxes, new sump pumps, new building lights and two new parking lots. Balcony and fence repairs have also been completed.

A new stove, new curtains, new flooring, a new 100-gallon hot water heater have been added to the clubhouse.
Poolside lounge chairs and a new pool heater are pool updates. We have contracted a company to install cameras and lights at the pool.
The sprinkler system was one of the biggest improvements!

 Our landscaping company, Jimmies, has provided outstanding service making our property beautiful.  Jimmie’s company has provided many extra services (at no additional cost to the Association) such as yard waste pickup, extra bush cutting and several times have come out to clean up branches and debris from storm damage. The board has contracted Jimmie’s to plant five new trees.

Yes, we have recently sustained a skunk and mole problem but it will be taken care of. All of this was accomplished without an assessment nor a raise in dues. However, we will need to raise dues by 5% to meet the rising cost of heat and water.  We also have a roofing project to be implemented in segments using our reserves instead of an assessment.

The playing of music, singing or other loud noised which may disturb other residents is not allowed. Sound carries extremely well and can be a great disturbance to other residents. The city of Novi prohibits disturbing noises after 10pm. Please be considerate to your neighbors.


 DO NOT dump trash behind the units. Courts F & G have had several areas of trash located behind the buildings. Applegate has paid Jimmies Landscaping a lot of money to clean it up which resulted in some of the staff getting severely stung by bees that were hiding within the trash. Those stings required a hospital visit. It has been noticed that trash dumping has started again in the same areas. Not only does it look terrible it also attracts unwanted animals and pests. Please put your trash out in the designated space and in an appropriate bags/containers on Wednesdays after 4pm or Thursday morning. If you see someone dumping trash where it doesn’t belong, please contact the board immediately.

 General Meeting Minutes – March 2017

The general meeting was held on March 11 in the Applegate clubhouse. Thank you to all who attended the meeting. For the minutes of the meeting, please click Here

 Frequently Asked Questions Page

Many times the same question gets asked via the comment section of the website or via e-mail. So, a list of the most commonly asked questions has been compiled to help. The list will be updated as questions come in. Please continue to use the comment section or send an e-mail if your question is not listed and we will do our best to get you an answer! Feel free to call a board member or your management company as well.

We have been having a lot of requests for the addition/modification form come through the website. The board and the management company has decided to put some of the commonly asked for forms on the website. We will be adding them as we go and as things get modified. The addition/modification form is on the website now and the color choices for the doors will be added once the document gets updated. You can click here for the Forms page or you can use the quick access links from the home page.